The renaissance of wallpaper trend provides an abundance of creative and exciting possibilities.

Wallpaper brings inspiring, refreshing colors and textures to your home. New printing techniques enable printing wallpaper on diverse surfaces, including textiles and cork. The advantages of wallpaper’s easy maintenance, installation, and replacement further add to its attractiveness.

Choose wallpaper for the ultimate personalization

Wallpaper reproducing the artwork acts like a mural, a focal point that attracts the gaze. Simple, classical patterns such as stripes, introduce sophistication and provide a perfect stage for furniture pieces you want to emphasize, such as classic armchairs or drawers.

Printed on a variety of surfaces, textured wallpaper adds depth and tactile dimension to what once was a flat element of decoration. Often used to achieve an organic and natural feel, textured wallpaper creates a calming ambiance. Wallpaper can also highlight architectural features, such as arches or niches, to achieve a “room within a room” effect.

Realistic and stylized floral patterns of wallpaper can be fitted into any interior. Stricter geometric patterns work well with monochrome palettes, providing a sense of stability and a reliable routine. A trend of bold dark colors, with varied metallic effects and large, dramatic floral motifs invites the passionate warmth, the elegance of past times.

Fantastic realism and the creative scope of wallpaper are prominent in murals from ceiling to floor, opening the room into natural or imagined spaces. Spectacular and evocative wallpaper murals substantially enlarge even the smallest spaces.

A bold “the fifth wall”  trend brings wallpaper to the ceiling, where it becomes an interesting and visually deep surface. A favorite choice for small spaces such as a wardrobe, wallpaper on the ceiling radiates luxury.

Once used to cover imperfections, today a luxurious and playful accent, the wallpaper becomes the interior’s main focal point, with a unique message. The versatile character and inherent charm of wallpaper guarantee a high degree of personalization.

Wallpaper for every style and taste

There is a wallpaper for every style and taste. It will transform your room with impressive color, seductive texture, or an eye-catching pattern. Easily coordinated with any style and preference, wallpaper offers many wonderful interior design solutions.