A perfect combination of luxury and versatility, new sanitary ware and washbasins are the true bathroom masterpieces, perfectly adapted to the new bathroom culture.

Pleasant to both eye and touch and designed for precious intimate rituals, sanitary ware of the new generation expresses individual style as much as it reflects the contemporary culture of living.

Our range of superior washbasins offers the highest quality expressed in various styles and the best materials.

Sanitary Ware

Sanitary ware is defined by the exciting combinations and comprehensive aesthetical range. All of our toilets, urinals, freestanding or mountable bidets, as well as pieces intended for individuals with special needs, have been designed with utmost care and precision. Made from the highest-quality materials, they showcase the best technological solutions. Sculptural charm and flawless functionality of the high-end sanitary ware transform every bathroom into a sanctuary of ease and comfort, a room that never ceases to delight.

Whiter you’re a fan of strict, essential design or the more generous and fluid forms, you can select from a large variety of traditional and new materials, colors, textures, and finishes that will elevate your bathroom aesthetics to a completely new level.


The undisputed star of modern sanitary ware is the washbasin. Standing, counter-top, under-counter, wall-hung, built-in, double washbasin, or a single washstand, this bathroom piece has many faces. To say that there is a washbasin for everyone is not an exaggeration. The aficionados of timeless elegance will love classic, refined pieces and high-end details that are interpreted in a contemporary key. Urban style design, inspired by the spirit of the world’s biggest metropolises, brings clean geometric lines and innovative materials into your bathroom. The combination of creative forms featuring both sharp and soft lines will satisfy those who welcome dynamics and playfulness. The collections equally influenced by nature and the modern lifestyle occupy a special niche, blending calm and simplicity with state-of-the-art technology.

In short, the intriguing details of washbasins will change the perspectives and ambiance of your bathroom in unexpected ways.

The superior materials and iconic design of our sanitary ware and washbasins will transform your bathroom into a site of energizing experience of water in your home, at the same time reflecting your style and needs.