Whirlpool spa is a true experiential product, an embodied essence of relaxation.

Indulge in a lavish sense of wellness in your home with elegantly designed whirlpool spas made with the utmost care of every detail. With a mix of bold innovations, superior technology, and ergonomics, pleasant in every aspect, our whirlpool spas will surely become one of the favorite places in your home.

Indoor Spa

Made for the exquisite pleasure of total well-being, contemporary indoor spas are authentic oases for an all-around revitalization that you can share with the people you care about the most. Our range of the best European brands of whirlpool spas offers many possibilities, including various customization options.

Top-quality whirlpool spas boast cutting-edge hydromassage systems. Both air-based airpool systems and water-based whirlpool systems come with adjustable and silent nozzles that enable the entire range of relaxing, energizing, or invigorating massages for a customizable massage experience. Combination of air and water massage and other functions, such as chromotherapy, ensure you have access to the exclusive comfort of the spa in your home, any time you desire.

Our whirlpool spas are made from high-quality materials that are exceptionally hard and resistant to scratches. Their surface treatment prevents the formation of mold and bacteria. Innovative multilayer material maintains the constant temperature of the water and therefore helps reduce energy consumption. Smart technology takes care of wireless controls, regulation of water temperature, and jet type, with integrated sound systems for a rich and pampering experience. Spacious and designed for maximum comfort, our whirlpool spas excel in ergonomics, allowing comfortable posture and accommodating more people at once.

There’s more to the whirlpool spas than flawless functionality. The selection of panels and finishes facilitates seamless coordination with any design style and interior arrangement, as SPAS can be installed in the center of the room, along the wall, in a corner, or niche.

Our whirlpool spas and their advanced hydromassage systems have something for everyone. For instance, eco-friendly and efficient “Infinity” whirlpool spas quietly let out the excess water into a hidden technical compartment where it is purified and readmitted to the bathtub. Water keeps circulating and the spa is constantly ready for use.

Outdoor Spa

Outdoor whirlpool spas are inviting convivial life and the pleasure of sharing revitalizing and relaxing experience and setting. Their functions and aesthetics will upgrade any open-air area. Sophisticated controls, integrated lighting, and sound systems come together to give the precious and luxurious sensation of complete relaxation in the open air, any time of the year. Besides, special insulation and materials suited for outdoor use are accompanied by eco-friendly and completely silent inverter pumps for heating the water, which save energy and reduce costs.

The latest disinfection systems, such as one based on ozone, are the assurance of carefree use. Made of firm, resistant, and completely harmless materials that boast excellent insulation, the outdoor whirlpool spas are also resistant to atmospherics and UV rays. With their superior quality and design, they will continue delighting you for many years to come.