The new generation of doors provides much more than just a main entrance or passage between rooms. These doors mark the beginning of beauty, comfort, and functionality in every part of your home.

With their superior technological performances and plenty of possibilities for optimizing the space, contemporary doors introduced a new concept of interiors. A vast range of types, sizes, and finishes enables design without limitations, doors with a unique architectonic character.

With top-quality doors from our offer, the communication between the various parts of your home becomes a dialogue of unobstructed movement, a harmony of elements, details, and materials.

With such flexibility and range, there is no longer a need to search for prefabricated products, because you can design your ideal front and interior doors together with us.

Interior Doors

A large scope of our interior doors meets the demands of any space.

The classical concept of swing doors with hinges is realized in a contemporary key. Made of aluminum, glass, wood, or their combination, today’s swing doors are the essence of lightness. When flushed with the wall, swing doors will seamlessly merge with the wall. Extraordinary choice of finishes and colors enables these doors to blend with the surrounding, creating the effect of continuity between walls and ceilings. Creative freedom embodied in contemporary swing doors guarantees an impeccable ambient.

The spectacular elegance of mono-directional or bidirectional pivot doors amplifies the luxury feel. Modular vertical and horizontal combinations of used materials enable additional customization. A large choice of finishes includes wood, glass, Laminam, stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials, with the option of a hidden frame and different handles, to complete the flawless integration of these doors into walls. Ideal for large openings, pivot doors are the epitome of refined style.

Sliding doors use top-quality rails for fluid, silent movement. Ideal for partitioning large rooms, they will easily coordinate with any design. Some models go a step further by completely hiding doors inside the wall. With this system, doors virtually disappear into the wall, allowing maximal freedom of adjacent vertical surfaces.

Our offer of best European door brands offers doors adjusted for special openings, niches, storage rooms, and distribution boards, which can be integrated into any space by applying various finishes and colors.

Front Doors

A crucial element in planning the exterior, the front door presents a unique statement in every home. Contemporary front doors blend innovative technologies and the very best materials to provide excellent constructional stability, thermal and acoustic isolation, safety features, resistance to atmospherics, and durability. The amazing choice of finishes allows you to choose any RAL color, as well as special metallic, wood, and other effects. A large offer of handles, types of glass, and great dimensional variety, ensure a bespoke design for your home entrance.