A sauna is a ritual of regeneration for both body and mind, a warm embrace away from everyday stress.

A method that has been tested over long centuries, sauna reestablishes the harmony of spirit, returning a sense of balance into your life. Our saunas are made by the very best specialized European brands and represent a perfect union of traditional wisdom and innovative technologies. Simple and efficient, the contemporary version of this old Nordic invention conquered the world.

All the Reasons for Sauna

An ancient ritual that originated in Finland, the sauna ensures many physical and mental benefits, all in 30 minutes. The absence of moisture, with the temperature moving from 60°C up, allows sweat to evaporate from the body, at the same time preventing it from remaining on the skin. This process fosters the expulsion of toxins from the body. The skin rejuvenates, while the body becomes free of any unnecessary or harmful substances. Praised as an efficient method for stress reduction, a sauna is a treasure trove of many health benefits, including stronger immunity, better blood and lymph circulation, and improved sleep. Sauna helps regulate weight, alleviates chronic pains, restores muscles, and aids with respiratory issues. Without any doubt, a sauna is a true home wellness sanctuary. Ideal for intimate moments of relaxation and sharing precious moments with your loved ones.

Highest-quality Materials

Saunas from our portfolio are made from precious woods, which are resistant to moisture and sudden temperature changes. In combination with panels made from high-quality glass, a sauna can easily be coordinated with any type and style of interior. The lightness, transparency, and hardiness of tempered glass seamlessly blend with the noble and warm character of the wood to visually connect the space of the sauna with the rest of the home.

Additional Equipment and Personalization

Modern saunas are equipped with 100% safe steel stove that does not require additional safety devices. Besides stoves and volcanic stones, you can take your pick among traditional wooden spoons and buckets. Smart digital control systems, and extras such as sound systems and chromotherapy, round up a transformation of a modern sauna into a versatile zone of home wellness and utmost pleasure.

Combination of Sauna and Shower

A combination of state-of-the-art shower and sauna opens new dimensions of well-being inside a single space. Practical and multifunctional, this mix will win you over with its unlimited possibilities. Combine the tested and tried characteristics of a sauna with the entire spectrum of options provided by our modern shower systems to enjoy a unique and tailored wellness experience in the intimacy of your home.