The beauty, resistance, and versatility of tiles are second to none when it comes to wall coverings and flooring.

The constantly evolving world of tiles keeps adopting new technologies that ambitiously shift the borders of design and use. Aside from the unquestionable functionality, high-quality tiles create an experience that is at once direct and irresistible, visual as much as it is tactile.

The outstanding expressive power of this old, yet always again new, material never ceases to amaze. Evocative and emotional, it creates an exclusive ambient regardless of the chosen style. Take a tour of our exclusive offer of the best European porcelain stoneware and double-fired tiles and create your perfect interior or exterior.

Effects and More

Timeless aesthetics prefer eternal materials. Innovative techniques gave porcelain stoneware the ability to embody the essence and charm of any other natural material while retaining its exceptional performance.

The everlasting beauty of marble and its sophisticated veins comes alive in tiles, radiating elegance and exclusivity. Tiles with wood effect infuse the space with the natural and authentic warmth of this irresistible material, in all its variants. The powerful character of stone fits any architectural style, and porcelain tiles are perfectly capable of reproducing the attractive richness of the stone’s texture and tones, including its unique imperfections. Tiles with concrete or resin effect are the essential choice for spaces inspired by the rhythm of life in large metropolises, ideal for creating impressive contemporary lines and peculiar textures.

Touch is best invoked with tiles featuring reliefs or 3D structures. Tiles evoking creased fabric, dune, flowing water, or geometric patterns give birth to a constant play between light and shadow, changing the appearance along with the amount and movement of light. Mostly used as wall covering, decorative tiles share the creative potential of murals and wallpaper. Floral or abstract, playful or classic, these tiles will enliven the ambient in rarely seen ways. With tiles, classic brick is interpreted in a contemporary key, as a subtly understated union of old and new, still full of character. Similarly, porcelain tiles with terracotta or terrazzo effect radiate a unique vintage charm. The industrial style discovered its primary protagonist in the tiles with metal effect. Tiles with glass effect transmit lightness and reflections of this most transparent material to create a luxury urban-industrial ambient.

Colors and Tones

The technological advantages of the tiles are not limited to their stability and dimensions. The innovative procedures enable an unlimited palette of colors and tones, with effects and details that can be coordinated with every style. The natural landscape and authentic materials are evoked by the luxurious subtle and neutral tones.

Bold and playful pallets are an ode to life, a vibrant journey into the very heart of color. Monochromatic or contrasting, glamorous or minimalist, with gloss, semi-gloss, or mat finishes, the color and tones of our tiles will win you over with their everlasting elegance.

Small and Big

Beauty lives in all kinds of sizes. Extra large tiles reduce horizontal and vertical junctions, rendering an attractive look, without edges or borders. Besides giving the impression of unobstructed space, large tiles enable freedom in design and simplify the process of tiling. Small tiles, on the other hand, exceed in their versatility, as their capacity for play with colors and unique patterns will stress the targeted segment of any space.

Large or small as you want them to be, the best tiles refuse one compromise, and that is superior quality.

Interiors and Exteriors

Aside from their virtually inexhaustible aesthetic potential, tiles draw on the strength of their original raw material. Made from a stable, non-toxic, and non-flammable natural material that is resistant to water and scratches, tiles are a natural first choice for flooring and wall coverings in the home and around it. The creative choice of tiles will ease the borders between inside and outside, effortlessly blending the external environment and the home’s interior.

Anti-slip properties, resistance to sudden temperature changes, atmospherics, and blows make tiles an ideal choice for balconies, terraces, and yards. Made to last, with a natural beauty that does not fade, high-quality tiles will endure the test of time and changing trends.