With great decking, you can enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.

Both hardwood and composite decking will transform your terrace, balcony, or yard into an amazing and stylish open-air living space.

Composite Decking

The new generation of composite decking excels in many regards, including the realistic evocation of the hardwood. Excellent technical characteristics of wood-plastic composite result from a cutting-edge process by which non-toxic plastic particles are merged with small, recycled pieces of lumber. Composite decking is resistant to all atmospherics, tear and wear, pests, and mold. It is free of splinters and doesn’t absorb water. Its color does not fade, it doesn’t need brushing or lacquering. With an absolute minimum of maintenance, this extraordinary material will last for decades.

Extremely popular with all those who want high-quality ecological alternatives in their homes, composite decking is made of recycled and recyclable materials that are 100% safe for both people and the environment.

Decking produced by top European brands from our offer is characterized by a high proportion of recycled wood, which results in a particularly warm appearance and feel of this exterior flooring. This kind of decking is also more resistant to UV rays and very pleasant to walk barefoot.

Great scope of colors, formats, and additional elements will pave the way to the bespoke ambient, transforming your terrace, balcony, pool, and yard into an exclusive private outdoor refuge. Versatile and beautiful, a deck made of composite materials can be seamlessly coordinated with an external kitchen, barbecue, fire pit, hot tubs, and other elements.

Wood Decking

Decking made of premium and exotic wood is almost synonymous with ultimate refinement in outdoor areas. Iroko, cedar, cumaru, bamboo, and balau are but a part of a wide choice of natural woods for a deck that is both elegant and original. Brazilian ipe wood enchants with its rich amber and red tones. Impressively dense, it boasts a recognizable, pleasant structure. Resistant to insects, moisture, mold, and fire, ipe also boasts fine anti-slip properties. Besides, it does not absorb heat as easily as other wood, which makes it a great choice for summer decks or warmer climates. South American tree angelim amargoso, which is somewhat similar to teak, infuses outdoor areas with warmth and compactness. One of the hardest woods on the planet, teak boasts a unique style and reliable solidity. Natural resistance to water makes teak the best choice for moist conditions. Once installed, teak decking does not require much maintenance, slowly gaining an attractive silver shade over the years. Concerning all the above, it is no wonder that teak was and remains one of the most popular and attractive choices for outdoor decks and spaces.