These stunningly beautiful porcelain slabs endure the test of time like a few other materials, remaining perfect as they were on the day of their installation.

As the high-frequency areas inside the home, kitchen and bathroom have to comply with the highest standards. Both rooms are expected to showcase impressive aesthetics, and the perfect functionality regarding the contact with water and moisture, along with resistance and durability required by everyday use.

Laminam meets, even surpasses, all these demands. These superior porcelain slabs endure the test of time like a few other materials, remaining perfect as they were on the day of their installation.


One of our company’s goals is to introduce Laminam to investors, architects, designers, and construction companies. To this end, CULT offers continuous support in education and project design that includes the specifications and precise calculation of investment, as well as the task of the actual installation of Laminam on any interior or exterior surface.
Have a question? Feel free to contact us, anytime! Our multidisciplinary team includes experts from Laminam company, the world’s only producer of this unique material. We will deliver the most optimal solution, tailored to your needs and demands.
Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, Laminam slabs provide your interior with superior elegance and flawless functionality.

Laminam for Integral Design of Interior and Furniture

The incomparable technical characteristics and extraordinary aesthetics of Laminam make it an ideal choice for cladding all the horizontal and vertical surfaces in both the kitchen and bathroom. This includes worktops and sinks, but also doors, and all furniture items, such as cupboards, tables, cabinets, and others.

A large scope of Laminam for interiors comprises over 400 colors, along with various finishes and the effects of natural materials, such as marble, cement, and wood. This spectacular aesthetic range enables harmonious coordination of the entire interior, accentuating personal style and expression.


The outstanding hardiness and sophisticated style make Laminam an ideal material for kitchens. These slabs are made of pure porcelain and produced in various dimensions, the largest amounting to the incredible 1620 x 3240 mm. Due to its small weight and thickness ranging from 3 mm to 20 mm, Laminam is perfect for worktops, doors, and tables. Like a second architectural skin, Laminam adjusts to any kitchen surface, creating a hygienic and visually pleasing environment for preparing and serving food.

The kitchen is a multifunctional space, a modern hearth and heart of every home. Cleanliness and tidiness of kitchen surfaces made from Laminam are guaranteed by its almost zero porosity, for which reason even the most stubborn stains are easily removed from this amazing material.

Amateur and professional chefs around the world choose Laminam for its 100% hygienic properties and easy maintenance. Resistant to heat, fire, stains, and scratches, Laminam is an ideal surface for contact with foodstuffs. An especially popular choice for the kitchen are Laminam slabs that faithfully imitate the unique elegance and look of marble.

If you decide to use Laminam for your worktop, dining table, or various kitchen surfaces, you can choose between as many as 400 colors, several series, and diverse finishes, for a perfectly coordinated design.


Laminam brings great aesthetic impact and lasting performances to your bathroom. Resistance to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion – to mention but a few advantages – makes Laminam slabs simply ideal for sinks and cladding bathroom furniture, including doors.

Due to large dimensions and unquestionable aesthetics, Laminam creates the effect of continuous, unbroken surfaces that visually enlarge the space and provide an excellent alternative to classical ceramic tiles. Besides, Laminam slabs are resistant to temperature changes and shocks and evenly distribute the heat, which makes them ideal for floor heating systems and a growingly popular choice for bathroom flooring.