Contemporary mosaic is an encounter between an ancient technique and innovation, living and thriving in a constant transformation.

Rethinking this valuable heritage and masterly craftsmanship of the bygone centuries conceived a vibrant innovation and expressive potential that are the hallmarks of contemporary mosaics.

Mosaic is constantly proving that little things can mean a lot. A blend of imagination, exploration, passion, taste, and expertise, mosaic occupies a special place in the interior and exterior design of both private homes and public edifices.

The impressive creative scope enables mosaics to fit any architectural style or space. Embodying a dialogue between new materials, glazes, effects, and colors, mosaics find their place in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, halls, wellness zones, pools, and yards.

Treasury of Shapes

Enter the wondrous world of mosaic and its exciting forms. Strips, irregular polygons, lozenges, trapeziums, circles, and other fantastic shapes of tesserae will adjust to any surface, whether it’s flat, irregular, rounded, horizontal, or vertical. A new understanding of techniques and the purpose of mosaic moved away from pure decorativeness towards spatiality. Made of fused or laminated glass, stone, or porcelain, mosaic tesserae are available in a spectacular range of colors, effects, and textures. Mosaic has a thousand looks and wears them all with style.

Abundance of Materials

Mosaic’s technical and aesthetic versatility transforms the materials from which it is made. For instance, with mosaic, stone gains extra tactility and lightness atop its universally appreciated elegance and unique texture. Ceramics and porcelain acquire additional vibrancy and interest. Thanks to technological breakthroughs, glass mosaics become small luminescent oceans, glittering with reflections of mother of pearls, precious stones, and noble metals, emitting color and sheen even when the light is dimmed.

As the original background, the mosaic will widen and deepen even the most constricted spaces. Because of their excellent technical characteristics, mosaics are an ever-popular choice for bathrooms, pools, and spa zones. The inexhaustible gamut of colors, textures, materials, and finishes enables coordination with any other flooring or wall covering.

Mosaic for Every Ambient

Visually unrestricted, stimulating, and capable of forming any pattern or image, modern mosaic can fit any kind of ambient. Whether used as a visual accent or a dominating surface, mosaic always surpasses expectations.