Coordinate your bathroom design and add extra storage by choosing top-quality bathroom furniture and attractive lighting.

Today, bathroom furniture meets the same demands as all the other furnishing pieces in a home. It does an outstanding job of optimizing space by creating storage that is both elegant and efficient. Made of high-quality and durable materials, it embodies the union between the utmost functionality and great design.

Bathroom Furniture

Masterful craftsmanship and plenty of available styles facilitate smooth coordination with all the other bathroom elements, such as sanitary ware, bathtubs, showers, flooring, wall furnishing, and accessories. With smart design, every inch of your bathroom can be put to good use and still emit style. Wall cabinets of various dimensions and shapes represent the most obvious use of the precious bathroom space. Freestanding pieces, such as vanities with washbasins, columns with soft close drawers, and various storage units and shelves, provide solutions for every type of bathroom.
The abundance of styles is perhaps best reflected in finishes. Traditional materials such as marble or brass render the bathroom a timeless charm and classical luxury. Composites give rise to a sleek contemporary ambient, with plenty of potential accents, as the innovative materials can faithfully embody the appearance of any other material: porcelain, glass, stone, wood, cement, or metal. However, the formula of perfect bathroom furniture is complete only by taking into regard the multitude of textures and colors, as well as the large span of decorations spanning from geometric to organic and everything in between.

By combining open-and-closed elements, modular ergonomic systems introduce new dynamics into the space and enable an even greater degree of customization. Excellent ergonomics of high-quality bathroom furniture offer a variety of storage solutions, where all the bathroom essentials have their place and space.
In short, modern bathroom furniture provides maximum functionality without giving up on great style and design.


A huge range of lighting fixtures, from mirrors with dimmable and variable LED lights, all the way to different specialized bathroom fixtures or elegant freestanding lamps, enrich your bathroom with a unique ambient, any time day or night.

In a play between exclusive details and harmonious whole, furniture and fixtures connect the entire bathroom into an elegant and dynamic story where all the elements communicate, complement, and emphasize each other.