Revolutionary material that was made in Italy.

Reduced weight and superior technical characteristics of Laminam enable the production of slabs that boast exceptionally large dimensions. Laminam is used for vertical and horizontal cladding of virtually all kinds of surfaces in interiors and exteriors – kitchens, bathrooms, worktops, furniture, floors, walls, steps, and facades.

Laminam brings nature’s authentic beauty into any space. Made of precious, carefully selected raw materials – porcelain minerals of certified origin – Laminam has no impurities or admixtures and, as such, presents a truly unique product in the world.

Possessing flawless characteristics, available in a large range of effects and textures, Laminam is also eco-friendly and can be recycled.


One of our company’s goals is to introduce Laminam to investors, architects, designers, and construction companies. To this end, CULT offers continuous support in education and project design that includes the specifications and precise calculation of investment, as well as the task of the actual installation of Laminam on any interior or exterior surface.
Have a question? Feel free to contact us, anytime! Our multidisciplinary team includes experts from Laminam company, the world’s only producer of this unique material. We will deliver the most optimal solution, tailored to your needs and demands.
Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, Laminam slabs provide your interior with superior elegance and flawless functionality.

A Revolutionary Concept of All the Surfaces

The technical excellence of Laminam found a counterpart in its fantastic aesthetic range. Dimensions of these porcelain slabs amount to as much as 1620 x 3240 mm. Laminam boasts the effect of continuity of materials and surfaces that has no match when compared to other cladding materials. Moreover, the visual impact of Laminam is surprisingly natural. Therefore it is no wonder that this exclusive product is nowadays applied to many interiors and exteriors.

Impeccable Style, Inside and Outside

Cutting-edge technology and raw materials of the highest quality gave birth to a huge spectrum of Laminam colors and finishes. The effects of marble, cement, stone, metal, resin, or wood, with natural, matte, glossy, or soft-touch finishes, along with anti-slip properties, make Laminam a perfect choice for cladding on any surface.

Technical Perfection in the Service of Better Living

The purity of ingredients, impeccable technical characteristics, and homogeneity are but some of the desirable qualities of this material. The surface of Laminam is hygienic, compact, impervious to water, simple to clean and maintain, resistant to sudden temperature changes, high temperatures, and freezing. With Laminam, you can forget about mold, fungi, or stains. It is resistant to detergents, chemicals, acids, solvents, moisture, and UV rays. Dimensionally stable, it is adequate for internal and external use. It does not bend, scratch, or wear out and can be recycled. Last but not least, none of these characteristics is diminished or compromised over time.
Due to all of the above, Laminam became a synonym for reliability and beauty that last, no matter what.