The new generation of luxury vinyl boasts excellent technical characteristics and an exceptional aesthetic range.

Luxury vinyl is an aesthetically versatile and affordable alternative to wood or ceramics.

Extraordinary technical characteristics of luxury vinyl

Resistant to moisture, a new type of elastic luxury vinyl is easy to maintain and offers great acoustic comfort. Installation of vinyl flooring and wall coverings is quick and easy, which makes it adequate for both homes and businesses.

Vinyl reduces walking and transit noise to a minimum by absorbing sound up to 50% better than all the other materials. It has a soft and warm feeling. Resistance to scratches, wear, and tear makes it ideal for carefree everyday life, family gatherings and parties, children’s play, and pets.

Design without limitations

The affordability of vinyl is not achieved on account of its quality or aesthetics, as this material is perfectly capable of blending a quality you need with the design you love. Today’s vinyl is no more a compromise, but a stylish choice. Its fantastic scope of colors, geometric, classic, and floral patterns opens the door to personal creativity and unique style in your home or business premises.

The popularity of vinyl rests on its extraordinary versatility. A perfect combination of design and outstanding performance, luxury vinyl will bring the desired ambiance into the bathroom, kitchen, hall, and living rooms. Vinyl’s high-quality top layers faithfully imitate the texture and details of all the natural materials. When it comes to visual effects, hyper-realistic vinyl tiles can compete with the most expensive materials out there. For example, vinyl floors can conjure wood down to the tiniest details, including wide planks or patterns such as herringbone and mosaics. With luxury vinyl, every beautiful detail of the porcelain tiles, the unique texture of marble, stone, or concrete, comes to life. In short, vinyl’s creative patterns and colors enable coordination with any taste or trend.

Practical, affordable, versatile

Practical and affordable, luxury vinyl offers great value for money. Available in large-format rolls and tiles, vinyl is easy to install and often considered the easiest DIY flooring on the market. Whether you’re aiming at traditional, rustic, eclectic, or contemporary ambient, vinyl will provide you with the quickest and easiest, yet stylish solution.