The flawless functionality of the bathroom relies on intelligent engineering solutions and the great design of water drainage and flush systems.

Concealed Cisterns for Toilets

Concealed cisterns are a must for contemporary bathrooms. Exceeding in both reliability and durability and complying with the highest technological standards, these cisterns are easy to install and maintain. Depending on their type and specialization, they can be retrofitted in every type of wall, with service openings that are easily accessible and yet protected from water and dirt. Besides the silent operation, concealed reservoirs visually enlarge the bathroom. Slimline flush plates enable water-saving dual flush. Flush plates can be personalized in a variety of colors and finishes to best suit you and your bathroom style.

Shower Drainage

Modern drainage solutions break new ground in terms of patented technology and extraordinary design. Our range of drainage systems from the leading European brands covers every possible installation plan, including those where large capacity drainage is needed, such as in the cases of ceiling showers or complex showers systems. Precisely crafted, elegant, and clean lines of shower drains can be discreet to the point of invisibility. They can be installed on the wall or floors, and clad by tiles or composites, strengthening the effect of uniformity and unbroken flow of space within the shower. On the other hand, contrasting materials of the drain produce a deliberate accent inside the shower.

Free of clumsy edges of angles, with reliable waterproof seals, modern shower drains are easy to clean. Hygienic and robust, they prevent odors. A large variety of shapes, colors, and finishes ensures a stunning visual effect within the shower and beyond, as they can be easily coordinated with shower doors, bathroom furniture, and other bathroom elements to the point of absolute perfection.