Step into your ideal shower stall. Almost a separate room within your bathroom, a modern shower stall can be personalized in accordance with your style and daily shower routines.

Shower Cabins

New-generation showers are full of pleasant surprises. Their versatility, great scope of design styles, and integrated innovative technologies guarantee luxurious shower experiences.

The aesthetic impact of our showers blends with their outstanding functionality. From the anti-slip materials of the tray and shower doors made following the rigorous safety standards, to the auxiliary elements such as holders, in-shower shelves, seats, and similar, modern shower cabins exceed in safety features.

If you’re planning a shower stall in the corner, inside a niche, or along the wall, or perhaps considering one of the many elegant walk-in options, you will appreciate the versatility and adjustability offered by our extensive offer of shower cabins and enclosures.

Whether you love classic or retro styles or rounded or formal geometric lines, a well-chosen shower cabin will pervade your bathroom with a sense of expanded space, elegance, and ease. A large selection of sliding, pivot, bi-fold and other doors, with transparent, satin, or decorated glass, and frames in many available finishes charge your shower space with added sophistication. In combination with one of our highly stylish shower systems and mixers, your shower cabin will become a true oasis of wellness at the very heart of your home.

Probably the best example of a versatile shower concept is the multifunction shower cabin. This fully equipped and ready-to-use wellness area in your home is a place of exquisite water experience, where water comes out according to your preferences – as a fine mist, soft rain, or pulsating jets. With features such as vertical or horizontal hydro massage systems, Turkish bath, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, intuitive digital regulation systems, and our multifunction shower cabins will satisfy even the most demanding aficionados of pampering shower rituals.

Bathtub Screens

Beautiful, high-end screens will keep the water in the bathtub regardless of the way you use it. Bathtub glass screens surpass classic curtains in every regard. Made of high-quality materials that retain neither water nor limestone, modern screens are always neat and easy to maintain. Visually pleasing, they infuse the bathroom with a feeling of transparency and lightness.

Select among the large variety of fixed, sliding or foldable, rounded, or angular bathtub screens. The attractive and elegant finishes be coordinated with the rest of the bathroom for an impactful design.