Modern mixers and showers are a masterly blend of supreme quality, new technology, and exceptional design.

In collaboration with the leading European brands, we are bringing premium products and flawless solutions from the world’s best water specialists to your bathroom.

Today’s bathrooms, and therefore bathroom mixers, faucets, showers, and shower systems, go beyond mere functionality. Precise engineering and intuitive technology, along with various customization options, turn the shower into a zone of pure pleasure, harmony, and elegance, a unique private spa that reflects individual taste, style, and desires.


Our exceptionally large range of overhead showers, side showers, hand showers, modular showers, shower sets, and smart shower systems offer almost endless possibilities for incomparable water experiences.

Whether you prefer showering under sensuous, soft rain or getting energized by targeted pulsating jets, we have a solution for you. Both pampering and eco-smart, our showers can save water up to an amazing 60%! Innovative technology enables various combinations and further personalization. Perhaps the most obvious example are the multifunctional showers that complement the shower experience with aromatherapy, chromotherapy, elements of Turkish bath, and treatments for eliminating toxins. Thanks to innovation and exceptional design, the flexibility and comforts of showering reached new horizons, allowing you to control the strength and type of water jet by simply pressing a button.


Modern basin taps, shower mixers, bidet and bathtub mixers, with or without a thermostat, single or twin levered, exposed or concealed, of various dimensions and styles, enable you to save both cold and hot water. Accompanied by a system for easy removal of limestone, with no need for cleaning agents whatsoever, these mixers surpass expectations. Saving electricity and water has never been easier!

Perfect hygiene, easy installation and maintenance, durability, and aesthetics of our bathroom mixers and showers will transform your morning and evening rituals into and sensuous, indulgent experience.