As the basic horizontal and vertical elements in every space, floors and walls deserve the best quality materials.

As the basic horizontal and vertical elements in every space, floors and walls deserve the best quality materials. Our experts will be with you on a journey to the perfect harmony of materials, proportions, colors, formats, and patterns on your floors and walls. Superior materials and an inexhaustible choice of styles guarantee your floors and walls will shine with both elegance and individuality.


As one of the key elements in every interior design, floors demand utmost care during both renovation and construction. While considering the flooring in a home and around it, it is important to remember that the floor is the basis of every room in every regard. Flooring defines and conditions the entire living space. As a large surface, the floor very much influences visual, tactile, and auditory experiences. A well-chosen floor is synonymous with a successful interior design.

When it comes to technical features, the choice of materials has to take into regard resistance to blows and scratches, durability, firmness, insulation parameters, and, of course, aesthetic characteristics such as format and colors. Of all the surfaces in any building, the floor is the most used and hence has to have excellent performance. Besides, the floor affects the lines, shapes, light, patterns, and textures of all the other elements in a room. The floor’s specific materials and their combination allow smooth coordination of the room with the rest of the home. The same is valid for colors, textures, and formats, just as the layout patterns of flooring.

Contemporary flooring dazzles with choices. Versatile and functional, tiles boast an inexhaustible style range. Wooden parquets are synonymous with comfort and warmth. Stone flooring guarantees a timeless look. Mosaic is a dynamic dialogue between old and new. High-quality decking will promote any yard or terrace into a luxury outdoor space. Luxury vinyl combines great aesthetic range and affordability. Modern wallpaper is second to none when it comes to personalization and stunning visual effects.

A combination of diverse materials and patterns gives floors a bespoke, personalized character. Because the finest interior design starts with a good basis in every regard!

Wall Covering

As the vertical dimension of your space and natural visual focus, walls deserve the best. A well-chosen and personalized wall covering will transform the once-empty wall into a surface of outstanding interest, bringing forth style and harmony.

From versatile ceramics to exciting mosaics, from the matchless warmth of wood to the classic beauty of stone, flooring and wall covering enable virtually endless creative and elegant solutions. Our offer includes the very best European brands that provide superior solutions for lovers of any design style.

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