One of the most stylish materials for interiors and exteriors, the stone is virtually indestructible.

Stone possesses a rare quality of looking better with passaging of time. Stone’s timeless appearance makes it an excellent fit for both contemporary and traditional architecture. The indisputable character and unique texture of stone give both depth and warmth to any space.

It’s impossible to deny the presence and role of stone in every architectural style and culture across history, just as it is impossible to ignore its unfading charm. The stone floor will last for generations, without crackles. Porous or dense, coarse or smooth, light or dark, stone offers a fantastic span of choices for flooring and wall covering.

Choosing Stone

Our experts will help you choose the ideal stone for your home. The effective visual range of various granites spans from blue and pink to grey and olive tones. Because of its characteristics, granite is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as halls and kitchens. The simple beauty of slate, a stone that is easy to clean and maintain, provides a great fit for various parts of your home. Marble radiates a classical, sophisticated style in all its variants. From white to honey-colored tone, from gray to dark brown, limestone and sandstone are a perfect choice for rustic ambient. Anti-slip properties and elegance of travertine, the stone that was highly appreciated in antiquity, make it ideal for bathrooms and pools.

The latest techniques of brushing and polishing enable a large scope of finishes, various levels of gloss, types of texture, or other effects, for coordination with any interior or exterior.

Wall Coverings

Stone’s inimitable play between light and shadow draws the eye and invites the touch. Masterfully carved and rhythmically arranged, geometric patterns or organic decorative details enable personalization of any chosen area. With its peculiar emotionality, stone upon walls echoes the timeless poetry of this, probably the most classical of all the materials.

Stone Flooring

With its inherent veins and ripples, stone floors pervade space with a blend of stability and subtle movement. Stone’s attractive tones are additionally emphasized by its unique and unrepeatable texture that is visible in every single square inch of the surface. Regarding the type and mineral composition, stone floors are available in great variety, enabling you to choose between white, yellow, beige, green, blue, and pink, all the way to gray and black tones. A smooth final finish is compatible with contemporary ambient, while a stone with uneven edges and weathered look suits spaces that aim at relaxed authenticity, suggesting they’ve been lived in for a very long time.