Contemporary radiators and heated towel rails are a winning combination of the original style and top quality.

Available in an amazing scope of shapes, dimensions, and colors, radiators introduce a sculptural dimension, becoming an original design element in every interior. A union of innovative materials and the very best technologies, our radiators from the best European brands are a fusion of beauty and flawless functionality.


Exceptionally decorative, our radiators are true design masterpieces that boast a virtually unlimited scope of shapes and dimensions. Allowing modular arrangement, they can be freestanding, wall-mounted, or hung from the ceiling. The addition of rails, hooks, integrated shelves, or storage turns these radiators into a proper furniture piece in the bathroom or any other room in your home.

With a great scope of shapes that includes everything from calm and contemplative to fluent and unexpected lines, these radiators will fit any space or style. Ultrathin radiators, some of which are only 4mm thick, were created exclusively for very small spaces. In time, they have evolved to perfectly satisfy the demands of constricted areas without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Their strict forms, along with their controlled balance of shape and proportions introduce stability and order to the smallest of spaces. On the other hand, round, flowing, oval, or trapezoid forms bring movement into the room. Unexpected, symmetric, or asymmetric shapes of these radiators add visual warmth and authenticity to interiors. Rectangular or rounded forms, in their many possible combinations, can also become a partition, a kind of heating wall. Made from cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel, and available in hydraulic and electric versions, our top-quality radiators excel in energy efficiency and use but a small amount of water. Available in almost 200 colors, with the option of applying the chosen pattern or motif, heated towel rails from our offer express the full potential of customization.

Heated Towel Rails

The versatility and functionality of contemporary heated towel rails are enriched with brilliant design. Besides the possibility of vertical or horizontal installation, some of these rails are designed in a way that allows them to gracefully rest along the wall, achieving an impeccable look atop their basic functions. Moreover, these rails can be customized in over 200 different colors. Diverse shapes, compact, clean, or playful designs, and an abundance of various dimensions widen the possibilities for the personalization of these truly practical heating elements.