Elevating every home, pools are many things at once.

Pools give rise to the instantaneous feeling of open air and the experience of natural elements – sun, wind, and water. They are ideal for recreation and physical activity regardless of age. They’re perfect for parties. A careful choice of attractive poolside furniture and equipment provides a visual and functional connection with the rest of the outdoors as well as with your home interior.


Premium quality outdoor furniture meets many demands at once. Hardiness and resistance to year-round atmospherics guarantee the durability of furniture that is constantly exposed to UV rays, water, and sudden temperature changes. The attractive and functional design of outdoor furniture makes it ideal for enjoying those unforgettable moments of fun and relaxation at the pool. Poolside furniture is made from a large range of quality materials that satisfy all the above and require minimal maintenance. Contemporary remakes of classics such as wicker pieces introduce warmth and traditional ambiance. Furniture made of new materials such as composites brings forth clean, minimalist lines and an urban atmosphere. Noble woods such as mahogany or teak, with chosen accents made of stainless steel, open exciting visual possibilities. A large choice of resistant outdoor textiles will round up your chosen poolside design.

Whether it’s lounge and club chairs, luxurious armchairs and sofas of diverse sizes and forms, or tables of all shapes and dimensions, upscale outdoor furniture excels in both functionality and comfort. The comprehensive range of colors, materials, and styles of outdoor pieces offers an ideal link between exterior and interior design.

Shade Solutions

Versatile, adjustable, and hardy, our luxurious shade structures will complement your poolside in the best possible way. Whether it’s parasols, umbrellas, sails, panels, pergolas, or gazebos, high-end shade solutions from our portfolio have many functions. They’re made from the best materials that are waterproof, resistant to wear and tear and UV rays. Mechanisms and controls allow you to regulate and adjust the angle and direction of shade, regardless of the time of the day or season. The high-end design of our shade systems will additionally personalize and accentuate the aesthetic grace of your poolside.


Our offer of the best European producers of decking will satisfy even the most demanding of tastes. We will assist you in navigating the large range of decking types and decking materials, from noble woods to innovative composite materials.

Additional Equipment

Additional pool and poolside equipment such as lighting, outdoor kitchens, showers, and quality floating furniture will definitely assert your pool as a central place for relaxation and enjoyment, an open-air space boasting original and elegant style.