Our unrivaled variety of shower columns and panels for swimming pools, gardens, beach establishments, saunas, spas, and yachts offers the ultimate outdoor wellness experience during all seasons.

True outdoor wellness essentials, outdoor showers have many functions. They are simply irreplaceable when you want to cool on hot summer days. They provide essential hygiene for users of your swimming pool or sauna. During the winter, a hot outdoor shower is a perfect way to rinse off after relaxing in a steamy hot tub.

Modern outdoor showers and accompanying taps, faucets, mixers, showers, foot wash, and related outdoor accessories from our offer are made of the highest quality material, namely 316 stainless steel. This unalterable material par excellence is widely used in the naval equipment and building industry. Its solidity, brilliance, and maximum resistance to corrosion are accompanied by the all-weather frost-free option that makes sure you’ll indulge in an outdoor water experience even when the temperature drops to -30oC.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect steel rain shower or a classic evergreen design, modern outdoor showers are eye–catchers. The uncompromising design, the appeal of slenderness, and freshness are embodied in shower columns made of a single profile of stainless steel.

Brands we offer include the very top European producers or outdoor showers, with hundreds of models you can choose from. Last but not least, many of those showers are fully customizable, for your ideally coordinated outdoor home wellness ambient.