Laminam Ventilated Facades

CULT will accompany you every step of the journey to your future façade that is made from the unique material – Laminam. A system of ventilated facades made from Laminam brings together state-of-the-art engineering, flawless technical characteristics, and matchless aesthetics.

A Croatian partner of the world-renowned Laminam Company, CULT boasts a team of certified experts with many years of comprehensive practical experience in the design and installation of Laminam facades. Moreover, CULT constantly organizes educational courses for architects and builders, to popularize and spread the expert knowledge related to this deservedly famed material.


At the start of the project, our experts will gather all the technicalities and guidelines related to your building, including size, type, allocation, characteristics of the foundation, winds’ speed, and other relevant factors. Following all these inputs, we will assist you in choosing a Laminam facade that perfectly suits your needs. Then we shall produce a design, i.e. a detailed blueprint. Upon request, we shall also produce a professional 3D rendering, providing a hyperrealistic visualization of your future facade.

Design and installation of Laminam facades presume the highest level of expertise, familiarity with the material, installation system, and all the construction issues related to the ventilated facades. Laminam facade systems provide solutions for both renovation and building projects, for every on-site situation, every type of building, and every architectural style. Our integral range comprises Laminam ventilated facades with cell, clip, adhesive, or anchoring systems, as well as facades that combine glass and Laminam. A special constructional advantage of these facades is the space between a building and a façade. This space generates an airflow from the bottom to the top of the building, creating a chimney effect that helps lower the temperature and eliminate any residual condensation. This space can be built to accommodate thermal insulation of any thickness and type, acoustic insulation, as well as firewall barriers.

Besides all the above, Laminam facades offer superior solutions for external appearance and the building’s general aesthetics. Extraordinarily light, firm, and resistant Laminam facades defy gravity, creating spectacular visual effects inspired by timeless materials such as marble, stone, or wood.

Static Calculation

After you approve the design and blueprint, our engineers will make a static calculation. Based on all the inputs, following legal regulations and standards, we shall produce a static calculation that is a key document for obtaining a building permit.


We shall deliver all the elements of your ventilated Laminam facade. Regardless of the project size, our team guarantees that every single part of your future Laminam facade will safely reach the location of installation. As in all the other project phases, your facade is in safe hands with us.


Following a delivery, our specialists will install your facade. Combining all the knowledge related to the specific system of Laminam ventilated facades, we shall expertly install your Laminam façade, guaranteeing the safety and quality of both process and result.

All of our technical expertise and experience is in the service of your satisfaction, not only during the project realization but also in many years to come, in which you will enjoy the superior performances and beauty of your Laminam ventilated facade.