Premium accessories round up a chosen style and design by introducing refined visual and functional highlights. Our outstanding assortment of high-end accessories will bring exclusivity to every nook and corner of your bathroom.

Modern bathroom accessories comprise a range of beautiful elements that are worth the show. Once upon a time just a welcome bystander, today’s bathroom accessories are true protagonists of design, speaking the same visual language as the rest of the bathroom.

Harmony of Aesthetics and Function

The elegant and harmonious proportions of bathroom accessories guarantee a seamless blend of aesthetics and function, a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. The exceptional quality and range of our accessories enable a large degree of customization that caters to even the most demanding of tastes.

A careful choice of accessories coordinates and completes the visual impact of the bathroom by introducing subtle coordination and ergonomics, allowing unhindered movement. Practical and thought-through, bathroom accessories facilitate the use of a bathroom, install order and thus free the space.

Various holders for the area or bath or shower, towel racks, hooks, shelves, mirrors, soap dispensers, toilet brush holders, paper roll and toilet brush holders, tissue boxes, and waste bins serve as functional objects as much as the beautiful visual accents. Conveniently expanding the storage space into every bathroom’s nook and corner, including bath or shower, accessories can be personalized with a multitude of finishes.

Perfection in Details

A huge range of available styles for accessories endows visual consistency to every bathroom, regardless of the chosen design theme. Classic, modern, eclectic, or avant-garde inspiration finds its expression in various lines of accessories. The extraordinary choice of materials, including metals, glass, ceramics, and innovative materials, opens the horizons for entirely customized, new combinations. Whether marked by rounded, rectangular, irregular, or playful lines, modern accessories are proof that perfection is possible even in the smallest details.

Attractive, hygienic, and durable, our accessories are designed for easy maintenance. Offering comfort and safety, always at the reach of your hand, these stylish aids imbue the bathroom with an added dose of elegance.



Aliseo is a brand that leads the way with its ever-new level of service and efficiency for the hotel sector.

Driven by superior design and technological innovation, Aliseo products are focused on creating a superior aesthetic and functional experience for every hotel guest. A successful alternative to the mainstream in hotel furnishing, Aliseo offers a stylistic variety that turns every hotel room into a haven of luxury, comfort and unique, memorable style.

Aliseo first gained worldwide recognition almost 40 years ago when it launched the safest hotel hair dryer in the world, which soon became a global standard. Aliseo continued to confirm its position as a leader in hotel furnishing with the following products, such as the first mirror with built-in LED lights, which had its world premiere in 2003.