Laminam Kitchens


CULT will accompany you every step of the journey to your future kitchen, made to measure from the world’s best material – Laminam.

As a Croatian partner of o globally renowned Laminam Company, CULT has a team of certified experts with a long-standing and comprehensive experience in the design and installation of Laminam kitchens. Moreover, CULT constantly organizes educational courses for architects and builders, to popularize and spread specialized knowledge related to this deservedly famed material.


Closely working with you, our specialists will learn all the plans, desires, and needs related to your new Laminam kitchen. Besides technicalities, such as dimensions and locations of all the kitchen appliances, the introductory consultations include defining the style of your future kitchen.

Laminam boasts a huge design range comprising more than 400 colors that faithfully imitate other materials such as stone, wood, marble, concrete, metal, and fabric. Besides, Laminam is available in a variety of finishes that provide a unique experience for both sight and touch. This is why a Laminam worktop can be perfectly coordinated with flooring or wall cladding made from Laminam slabs, as well as with all the kitchen elements and furniture which you decide to clad with Laminam. Therefore, if you choose to have a single Laminam element – for instance, a kitchen worktop – you can easily coordinate it with other kitchen elements made from any other material.
Laminam is suited to any design style and facilitates coordination of the kitchen with the rest of your home, including exteriors, terraces, or balconies. The fact that Laminam slabs can be customized and made to measure opens an entirely new aesthetic dimension where you can personalize your kitchen, completely express your style and satisfy your needs.

After gathering all the mentioned inputs, we will produce a design, i.e. detailed blueprint. Upon request, we will make a professional 3D rendering. This hyperrealistic visualization conjures every detail and perspective of your future kitchen, all of its dimensional relations and ambient.


Laminam porcelain slabs boast uniquely large dimensions and extremely small thicknesses of respectively 3, 5, 12, or 20 mm. The production, delivery, and installation of Laminam kitchens require substantial experience, specialized knowledge, and tools, all of which add to why Laminam projects cannot be executed by someone who has never done them before.
After you approve the design, we shall produce your made-to-measure Laminam kitchen with artisan precision and implementation of the strictest industrial standards.


Following the production, we shall deliver all the Laminam elements to your location. Regardless of the project size, your kitchen worktop, table, kitchen elements, flooring, and wall cladding will safely reach the location of installation. As in all the other project phases, your Laminam kitchen is in safe hands with us.


Once all the Laminam elements are at the location, our specialists will install your Laminam kitchen with attention to every detail, until the “turnkey delivery”.
At all times, our expert knowledge and experience are in the service of your satisfaction, both during the actual project and in all those years to come in which you will enjoy your impeccably personalized Laminam kitchen.