The bathroom is a genuine haven of well-being in every home, a number one place for enjoying the relaxing water experience. Hence, it is no wonder that bathtubs and showers are the focus of every bathroom.

A freestanding bathtub, corner, or built-in bathtubs, as well as various types of showers, all function as central and attractive bathroom pieces, endowed with practicality and style.


Refined aesthetics marks modern bathtubs. Made from highly resistant quality materials, they come in many shapes and dimensions. In harmony with a chosen bathroom design, the bathtub can feature either rounded and playful or strict and ultramodern lines. Whether possessing a vintage soul or inspired by formal geometrical rigor, bathtub design is always attentive to the present.

New technological solutions enable large freedom in planning. Bathtubs can occupy the bathroom’s center. They can be built into the floor to the desired height, installed in a corner, or into the wall niche. The exciting scope of materials will additionally personalize this central bathroom piece. Made of high-quality acrylic or composites, modern bathtubs are a thrilling combination of forms and textures. They comply with the latest technological standards even when they’re made of cast iron or copper, invoking the luxury of past centuries. Combined with intelligent and completely silent hydro-massaging systems, the bathtub becomes a site of home wellness and ultimate relaxation, with many advantages. They are hygienic and easy to maintain, non-porous, resistant to scratches, and durable. They come in many shades and colors that do not fade with time. The selection of various furnishings, such as wood, marble, or Laminam, along with integrated furniture such as benches and ladders, makes bathtubs the true queens of every bathroom.


Contemporary showers, stalls, and trays delight with their shapes, materials, and creative design, which enable them a perfect fit, regardless of the bathroom’s plan and dimensions. Besides acrylic, which excels in durability, practicality, and hygienic properties, showers are made from other exciting materials. One of the most popular is composite. Made of natural grounded stone and resins, it boasts a beautiful natural finish that is resistant to scratches and pleasant to the touch. Another benefit of composite is that it can be cut to measure for additional customization.

Elegant yet robust, designed in varied styles, shapes, colors, depths, and dimensions, modern showers enable maximal usage of bathroom space. Due to the freedom of movement, they are well-suited for elders and individuals with special needs.

Ideal for lovers of revitalizing and relaxing experience of showering at any time of the day, the features and quality of today’s showers guarantee a ritual of pure well-being.