Project Design

CULT follows a simple philosophy: flawless elegance and superior technology at the service of customized solutions.

Regardless of the size or type of your project, our experts will help you bring it to perfection.

Every Step of the Project Matters

The choice of brands, collections, and materials that satisfy your desires and the realities of your project guarantees superior style and quality, as well as budget control.

Working closely with you, our experts will elaborate and precisely analyze all the elements and phases of your project, including the selection of products, the actual design, and 3D visualization, down to the actual on-site works. If the need arises, we will put you in touch with our associates – architects, designers, smart home specialists, and construction companies.

Individual Approach

At CULT we are aware that money well spent means saving money somewhere else. A precise project is a tool of control, just as it is the initiator of action. Just like your personal style and the space you’re fitting out, your project is individual and demands careful customization. Our experts will be with you every step of the way and assist you in resolving all the potential project dilemmas or issues. We are here to help you manage your project smoothly and successfully.

3D Visualization

Professional 3D visualization has no match in visualizing the final appearance of some space, its atmosphere, and its impact, including arrangement, cladding of walls and floors, furniture, and any other element or detail. Besides, 3D visualization speaks a language anyone can understand and therefore does not require technical knowledge to be understood.

Professional 3D rendering of interiors includes CGI models of claddings, furniture, and all other elements from our collections. In this manner, 3D visualization delivers a final shopping list that is easily coordinated with the budget and the rest of the project’s elements.