When it comes to a balance between exclusivity and intimate warmth, parquet is hard to beat.

Selected from the very best raw materials, and processed with mastery and attention, top-quality parquet brings added value to any room.

Best Materials, Cutting-edge Production

The finest parquets are a product of a long process that starts with the selection and careful cutting of the raw wood, followed by attentive wood processing and applying natural, non-toxic surface finishes. Innovative and precise techniques of wood processing intensify its inherent strength, and durability, as well as the beauty of its natural colors and textures. Made to last, with great resistance to blows, compatible with floor heating, easy to install and maintain, parquets are the floors for a carefree life.

A Perfect Union of Visual and Tactile

Parquet brings nature into your space. Oak, walnut, maple, cheery, beech, exotic Asian and African trees – to mention but a few – are all unique and beautiful.

Parquet boasts an inherently generous span of atmospheres and moods. Perfect to the touch, visually harmonious, parquet is a background for an ideal everyday ambient, as well as for your favorite furniture pieces. Modern parquet allows a high degree of personalization. Lighter colors of parquet create a calming, relaxing atmosphere and visually expand the space. Darker wooden floors, with their rich and contrasting effects, amplify the depth of the space, imbuing it with a warm, rustic feeling. Besides a large choice of variously graded glossy and matte finishes, along with weathered, metallic and other effects, parquets boast many attractive formats. Basic, casual, or unusual formats are an excellent fit for more open, urban spaces. Legendary iconic patterns, such as Chevron or Versailles, radiate a feeling of luxury. Mosaic composition of diverse types of wood or unusual, complex patterns gives birth to spectacular effects. Last but not least, many classy and versatile formats are suitable for both traditional and modern flair, easy to coordinate with any kind of space or design.

Nature in Your Home

Superior parquet is a triumph of spontaneous, intrinsic elegance, ideal for all those who wish to enjoy pure wood in their home. The interplay between textures and shades of modern parquets brings the very heart of nature into your home. Wood’s natural ease and power, the gentle movement of its surface, are the right basis for everyday living – stable, durable, unique, and beautiful.