Cult d.o.o. offers its customers an assortment that reflects style, taste, and creativity. Among the various Italian companies that Cult represents, the world-renowned brand Laminam stands out. It visualizes and creates the latest solutions in the production of facades, floor and wall cladding, or furniture. From the very beginning, Laminam has revolutionized the world of ceramics thanks to the introduction of innovative products. The surfaces are recognizable for their size and thinness. Large and thin surfaces are suitable for interior design, outdoor purposes, or furnishing. Each assortment has its own specific philosophy and source of inspiration: the majestic nature in the mountains, the shades of metal, and the patterns of the fabric. Laminam is environmentally friendly, therefore, it uses materials from natural sources. Moreover, due to its natural composition, the surfaces can be easily recycled so that the material can be reused. The main materials used to make surfaces are clay, claystone, and silicon. Each material is carefully selected resulting in a product without impurities. The production process guarantees the least possible impact on the environment and avouches energy efficiency.