Shadow Line stones collection – a perfect timeless piece for your space

The company Petra Antiqua has been making works from natural stone since 1995, and its
main focus is on making unique and quality stone decorations that will complete any
interior space and enable it to have a flawless design.

Its special collection, the Shadow Line, is the one that steals all the looks. These stone
ornaments can make any room come to life, with their unique design, natural and top
quality stone, which serves as an artistic inspiration for everyday enjoyment.

Whether you are thinking of embellishing your home, office, or any type of interior space,
Shadow Line will make any room creatively special. What makes these decorations truly
unique is that they allow you to reproduce any image according to your wishes, which is
especially inspiring for designers who can come up with various ideas for decorating their
clients’ space.

Flawless performance in making these natural stones works-of-art is just an addition to the
fact that, depending on the distance and angle of view of the images, they change their
look, which makes it a fascinating addition to all timeless art lovers.
Don’t settle for average home decor – be bold and let your creative space come to life
with Shadow Line.