Mastella Design: Kami collection

Mastella, the Italian producer of great furnishing is here with another great collection for your bathroom settings. This collection allows a modular design that becomes fluid and reliable, and practicality is a key part that further enhances its detail and uniqueness.

Details that characterize this collection are two-centimeter-thick side panels and drawers inserted from the front. The colors of the side panels, drawers and top plate are customizable, and in the assortment there are several colors to choose from, and it is possible to choose a lacquered or matte version. It is possible to choose between all Mastella finishes; stone, wood, lacquer, matte, glossy finishes, etc. The modularity of this bathroom furniture is perfect for customizing every part of your bathroom into something useful; every part of your bathroom will be used.

It is possible to choose between three ways to close the drawers; with a handle, for pulling and for accepting fingerprints or “pop up” mode for those who love the elegant and sophisticated look. The bathroom furniture also includes a divider that will make it easier to organize the space in the drawers.