Berry Alloc parquet

The Berry Alloc parquet collection was made in France and is available in a range of colors suitable for any interior and home.

Parquets are very easy to install, they are very durable and top quality and are very easy to repair or replace, while the cleaning process is also very simple and easy for everyone. Parquet is suitable for all rooms, for playing, for dancing, for a better connection with nature and wood. One of the most important things that the company cares about sending nature, so parquets come from sustainably managed forests and are marked PEFC and FSC, so no trees are lost and production does not harm nature.Your parquet in the interior will bring a new joy of living and will be the basis for the rest of the interior design. All parquets bear the prestigious Parquets de France label, a symbol of Berry Alloc’s knowledge and sustainability.

Parquets contain high-density fiberboards that are ideal for underfloor heating, they create exceptional thermal conductivity and are adapted to full efficiency for underfloor heating.