About us

Cult d.o.o. is a company founded in 2016 which doesn’t classify as the typical store where you just arrive, buy things and take them home. Does everything seem familiar and already seen wherever you go?

Cult’s mission is to provide you with the perfect life setting which will reflect your taste and style. We are here to help you make your living space different and unique, but still highly functional. Our experienced team will assist you in finding optimal quality solutions for your home where you will feel safe and comfortable. Apart from comfort and safety, our goal is to offer you products of extreme quality, unique design and improved durability, all the while using some of the leading brands in the industry, as well as to educate the clients and contribute to developing a conscience about social responsibility through materials and technologies which use their influence to protect and replenish your environment and life conditions.

Whether it’s floor and wall coverings – tiles, stone, parquet, decking, vinyl or perhaps mosaic, bathroom equipment and gallantry, stand-alone furniture made of full wood or maybe a wellness and spa assortment of massage pools and saunas, here in Cult you will find everything you need to provide your home with that little bit of extra elegance and luxury.

Aside from our services of selling and delivering products, clients can also use free consulting and professional assistance services when it comes to choosing the ideal solutions for your home, but also budgeting and 3D modeling services which enable you to see how your living space will look like before you make any investments.

The assortment we offer to our clients is a reflection of style, good taste and creativity, and it represents a selection of quality products made using precise and studious methods performed by professionals with quite some experience in this industry. Visit Cult store and turn your home into a unique and harmonious living space in just “a blink of an eye”.