Vinyl floors for a luxurious look of your home

Vinyl floors are an increasingly popular form of interior decoration because of their practical and easily applicable features. From the bathroom to the kitchen floor, vinyl is a material that makes everyday life easier for more than one reason. Moisture, waterproofing or sound insulation, for example, will no longer cause you problems after installing this contemporary material. In addition to being moisture resistant, vinyl is an excellent thermal and sound insulator and is easy to wash and maintain.

Elastic materials are easily installed in any room, and Cult also brings the famous European brand Berry Alloc in which you will find a premium and varied selection of vinyl. In addition to convenience and lightweight applicability, Berry Alloc vinyl floors also offer a full range of colors and effective solutions that will bring a touch of elegance to your home. You can choose between a tile effect or a wood effect which in turn will bring heat into the space. With Cult, choose the ultimate flooring for your home.