Triventa parquets – the beauty and quality of wood

Floor coverings are one of the most important elements of the interior, and the choice of materials will reflect on the overall ambience of your space. Parquet is one of the highest quality and most durable materials, which will give your interior a vision of durability and quality. Cult brings you the renowned Italian parquet brand Triventa, whose long tradition and quality is recognized around the world.

In a variety of collections, Triventa offers 16 types of different wood materials, and more than 150 finishes. In this colorful palette, you will find parquets made of oak, teak, walnut, maple or some exotic species, such as the African wood Doussiè, which comes from the forests of central Africa.

Apart from the variety of finishies, the unquestionable quality of natural wood is the unique hallmark of this prestigious Italian brand. In addition, Triventa has been using environmentally sophisticated processing technologies in line with modern sustainable development labels for thirty years. The materials dry-kilned, allowing for the wood to reach its equilibrium moisture content.