The perfection of shapes in colored selection of ceramics

Besides functionality, a special attention today is paid to the selection of ceramics which would reflect the aesthetic dimension of the bathroom. The content, design and shape of ceramics becomes especially important for the overall atmosphere of the space, and this valued material is getting its new dimension in the possibility of choice of the varied shapes of washbasins, bidets, bathtubs, urinals or furniture’s.  In order to give every detail in your bathroom a perfect shape and measure, Cult offers a selection of sanitary ware from the renowned Italian brand Cielo, which has perfected the craft of ceramic processing to art.

A variety of content in different collections with chosen designers will compete every single corner of your bathroom. In the Shiwa collection signed by designers A. Parisio and G. Pezzano for example, you will find “nomadic” and colonial style as created for the enjoyment after the long journey. There is also a classic collection Delfo with elegant and symmetric shapes. In modern collections Shui and Shui Comfort signed by designer P. d’Arrigo the oval finishes and minimalistic oriental design are accentuated. Choose the style which best suits your taste and equip your bathroom with the ceramics that offers functionality and aesthetic pleasure at the same time.