The harmonious beauty of natural stone

Natural stone, a beauty imprinted in time, is one of the most valuable and high quality materials to beautify your home. Natural stone tiles, except for exceptional quality, offer an original stamp on every square. At Cult, we offer you stone-carved art, signed by one of the most experienced and high-quality Italian brands, Petra Antiqua. A craft that has been carved to perfection through years of experience, offers the right art in every finishing stroke of a stone cut. The versatile design that you can find in this rich offering of Petra Antique will enrich your space and fill it with energy. For example, the Mosaic collection offers original strokes of intertwined motifs, while the Surface Collection, which grew out of meticulous work on the surface layer, provides an irreplaceable experience of creativity and design. The Hedonism collection arose from the long-lasting and careful creation of the contrast of light and shadow, while the chemicals in the treatment were not used. Due to its naturalness, it fits perfectly with the green facades, and in addition, the insulating properties of this stone offer versatile benefits and can also be used as an insulator for heat or sound. If you prefer to experiment with styles and designs, there is an Art Collection for you that combines ideas and materials in a harmonious and elegant design in an original and creative way. Head to the Cult, find the ultimate stone design, and breathe a touch of eternity into your space.