The art of ceramics in your bathroom

Ceramics are one of the indispensable materials for decorating the most intimate part of your home – the bathroom – and it owes its popularity not only to its durability and quality, but also to one particular aesthetic that is not applicable in every room. The company Cult Split brings you the exclusive Italian brand of sanitary equipment Cielo, which bases its philosophy and art on a two-century-old tradition stemming from a family-owned business that turned into art. For Cielo, not only is ceramic design more than mere craftsmanship, it is also one special area that has turned into an art of harmonious shapes and forms but also the art of high quality design. The material, which is extremely demanding for processing, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the designers of this highly regarded Italian brand, and comes in various finishing forms. In the numerous collections of the Cielo brand you will find everything you need for your bathroom in one place – from washbasins, toilets, bidets, bathtubs, showers to stylishly designed bathroom furniture. The Arcadia collection, signed by Italian designers Andrea Parisi and Giuseppe Pezzano, for example, offers timeless designs of special and modern washbasin solutions with built-in cabinets, tubs and mirrors of various sizes and shapes. Other collections like La Giare by Claudia Silvestrin, on the other hand offers complete content, from sinks, bidets, bathtubs, toilet bowls to beautiful minimalist mirrors. Beautiful gentle and oval shapes turn every bathroom into a true art.