Spa pleasure and relaxation in the beauty of your home

Enjoying hydro massage pools in your own home relaxes the body and mind and relieves you of stress and other inconveniences of the fast rhythm of everyday life. Spa installations in your home represent relaxation par excellence, and Cult brings you the top Italian brand of hydro massage pools Glass. In its diverse offer of the Spa collection, you can find hydro massage pools of various sizes, designs and properties.

In addition to oval and square pools, the Glass brand offers a diverse range of whirlpools with various functions, such as built-in audio accessories, chrome or aromatherapy accessories. The installation method is also flexible, so you can find built-in or floor-standing whirlpools.

The most important element when installing a whirlpool in your own home is the quality itself. To be able to enjoy the spa atmosphere in a relaxed way, hydro massage pools must offer maximum hygienic conditions and easy maintenance. Glass whirlpools offer uncompromising quality of their products, allowing you to enjoy to the maximum. Choose only the best for your home and indulge in the water pleasures of the hydro massage pools with Cult.