Radiators – a blend of quality, beauty and utility

A radiator is an indispensable element that brings warmth into your home, and choosing the right model can also change the look of the interior. When choosing, surely, quality and functionality must come first, but in addition, there are many choices of radiators today that, with their style and design, can make your space not only warmer, but also visually more pleasing. With a wide range of models, Cult brings you top quality radiators from the Italian brands HOM and Antrax IT. With a wide range of collections, the Italian Antrax IT offers interesting and modern minimalist radiator designs that will fit into any space.

For example, Scudi, TT, or Blade collections offer interesting office space solutions. Tesso or Pettine collections, however, bring practical bathroom solutions to your home and office space. Other collections also offer unique solutions with visually appealing and elegant radiator designs for the living room or bedroom. HOM brand also offers top-notch radiators that feature extremely low power consumption but at the same time, they are equipped with harmonious and visually appealing design. Find the perfect radiator with Cult and enjoy the warm winter moments in the warmth of your home or business space.