Petra Antique natural stone and its unique design

Natural stone is a material that deservedly has a reputation for superior quality and durability. Due to its exceptional properties, this material brings a touch of timeless design and beauty to the space. Cult includes the top brand of the Italian brand Petra Antiqua in its offer, which in its numerous collections offers a handful of different shapes and styles for each room. Perfection of every detail and refined design taste are indispensable characteristics of Petra Antique natural stone. Collections like Hedonism, Shadow Line or Diamantato provide a unique vision of this timeless material carved to the smallest detail. Geometric shapes bring a unique vision of natural shapes, skillfully conveying the contrast of light and shadow. The visual effect of depth provides an additional dimension to natural stone. The beauty of natural shapes can be seen in every stroke of the masterfully processed material. Natural stone processing methods are another distinguishing feature of the Peter Antiqua brand, which makes this material suitable for combining with green building. Also, the exceptional sound absorption and thermostatic isolation characteristics of this stone contribute to the sound or thermal insulation of the space.