Minimalism – a feature of modern bathrooms

The bathroom is a place in your home where you can enjoy moments of relaxation dedicated only to yourself. The atmosphere you create is a particularly important part of relaxing all your senses. The color, shape, content and design of each piece of furniture and sanitary ware in the bathroom are essential for the aesthetic dimension of the space. Cult brings you the world-famous sanitary ware brand JEE-O, whose products are characterized by a strong and robust design, always different in their minimalist simplicity.

From faucets, showers, to luxury bathtubs, basins or toilets, the JEE-O brand offers a wide variety of products to fully equip your bathroom. Minimalism is a label worn by JEE-O, in whose collections of world-famous designers, you can find natural colors and materials and various others, including marble designs, great for the refreshing look of your bathroom. Also, there are different styles, so you can find Mediterranean minimalism, classic style or naturalistic look, which provides a specific spa experience in the bathroom. Bathtubs and washbasins are made of a special DADOquartz material with a 25-year warranty.