Metal Collection by Trivineta Parchetti for bold home decoration

In the Veneto region, woodworking is a traditional craft that has existed for centuries. Craftsmen are known for building elegant gondolas in the ancient city of Venice, and among them stand out carpenters, carvers, cabinet makers, restorers, etc. Many were engaged in the production of all kinds of wooden building materials and furniture used in traditional houses and made large works of sacred art that adorns the altars and naves of thousands of local churches. Triveneta Parchetti is part of centuries-old Venetian art, and maintains the quality of Italian products at a high level. The materials used by the company will improve the quality of life in everyone’s home. Given the environmental awareness of the company, the materials are natural, and for finishing they use natural products such as oils, resins and waxes of plant or animal origin. Trivineta Parchetti’s Metal Collection can be described in three words: decisive, surprising, exaggerated. Also, the collection is recognizable by its precious, real wood with a hand-painted metallic finish. The only thing left for the client is to choose the color and format, but experts and designers will help him in that as well. The Metal Collection is ideal for those looking for a determined, surprising and exaggerated look that will definitely not to go unnoticed.