LaFaenza – Ceramic tiles with style

Floors and coverings are one of the basic elements of any space, and in order to choose the ideal solution, it is necessary to harmonize them with other parts of your interior and exterior. Ceramic tiles are one of the most practical solutions that at the same time contain both quality and style.

The prestigious Italian brand of ceramic tiles LaFaenza brings you the most advanced aesthetic solutions in trends with the latest world trends such as classic “single-fired” or “double-fired” tiles, glazed porcelain tiles and the like.

The principles of the LaFaenza brand are based on a conscious attitude towards the environment, so all products are a harmonious combination of nature and technology. Nature is the source of inspiration for LaFaenza ceramic tiles; so for example, the Bianco collection will include six different marble surfaces all based on one single color: white.

LaFaenza products are in the same line crowned with various ISO certificates of sustainable development or quality and EMAS, L.E.E.D or GREEN SQUARED certificates. With Cult, for your space choose tiles with style, which in its diverse offer brings only the best of world-renowned ceramic tiles brands.