Kaldewei steel enamel for posh and functional bathrooms

Cult d.o.o. represents Kaldewei steel enamel as a unique material with a 30-year guarantee. It combines natural materials that can be fully recycled. Robust steel and tough glass are easily and quickly installed. Surfaces are heat resistant, so burning and smoldering objects do not leave marks. Also, this steel enamel is highly resistant to mechanical stress.

Kaldewei steel enamel prevents even microscopically tiny scratches where bacteria can settle. The glass-hard surface is supremely hygienic and easy to clean. Common household detergents, cosmetics, or bath additives will not harm the steel. When it comes to the color of this product, it is UV resistant and there is no fading or yellowing of the original color. These surfaces have structural safety, they are anti-slip and the sound is insulated. On one hand, steel signifies strength and toughness, whereas, on the other hand, it represents elegance, and functionality.

Not only will Kaldewei steel enamel make your bathroom visibly appealing, but also healthy and safe.