Design with Déco decking materials

New, modern and revolutionary solutions in the system of interior and exterior cladding come in the form of wood composite, also known as decking, which combines 70% wood and 30% polymer, making floor coverings a durable and safe solution for any space. Cult brings you the revolutionary Italian brand Déco, which in its rich offer realizes a unique lining system made of a combination of wood and stone composite polymer.

The unique formula is characterized by incredible wear resistance, minimal spreading, and exceptional stability of the inner linings. The synthesis of stone and wood is embodied in the Clap interior cladding system, which with its diverse texture and formats of slats and tiles gives life to a wide collection of interior cladding. Clap is a coating for indoor installation and maintenance, while a thickness of 3 to 5 cm makes Clap a material suitable for coating various types of surfaces. In addition to easy installation, this material is also characterized by excellent sound insulation properties, absorbs noise and is suitable for the most intimate environments.