Innovative solar showers

The showers of the Italian brand Arkema, which with their functionality and vision bring innovation to the market, are a necessary product by every pool. In addition to classic showers, Arkema offers another option that stands out not only with its functional minimalist design but also with its avant-garde spirit. The innovation of this product, which has revolutionized the outdoor shower market in the last thirty years, is contained in its solar function. In addition, flexibility and a wide range of design solutions expand your choice, and gives the opportunity to collaborate in the design of outdoor showers.

In addition to classic showers, which come in various variants and colors, we offer solar showers of high-energy efficiency, then fountain showers, shower trays and there are other solar solutions for exteriors. Large market choice and increased awareness of sustainable development encourages the production of environmentally friendly and economical solutions, and Arkema brand products are characterized by an innovative approach whose minimalist design is accepted around the world. Choose only the best for your indoor or outdoor space with the top Italian brand Arkema!