Hibrobox – creative design of your bathroom

The fact that functionality in the bathroom is a prerequisite and a fundamental need of every home is nothing new. However, with the growing demand for various content, the need to expand the concept of functionality is growing. This need expresses itself in the growing offer that includes design as benefit in functionality through individualization of content.
Cult brings you the prestigious Spanish brand Hidrobox, in whose collections you can find innovative bathroom equipment, which with its creative design offers a combination of functionality, quality and aesthetics. The collections offer a variety of content that includes sinks, showers or bathtubs and bidets. In collections like Twins, Select, Zone, Unique, Space and others, you will find content tailored just for you.
For example, the Flow washbasin collection is characterized by rounded geometry in various dimensions, and in addition provides the possibility of custom cutting. The Zone collection will feature sophisticated shower trays with a minimalist design, soft finishes and adjustable dimensions. Hidrobox offers all this and much more in its high-quality collections with its innovative custom design, which will give your bathroom an individualizing stamp.