Harmonious lines for your bathroom

Finding ideal sanitary equipment and furniture for your home is an extremely demanding task if you want to find a harmonious balance of style and design of all elements for your bathroom. Cult is here to help you find the best solution, and in the rich catalog, mostly signed by Italian designers, you will find a handful of creative and specific combinations of sanitary equipment and furniture for your bathroom.

In the collections of the Italian brand Galassia, special for its long tradition and quality of sanitary equipment, based on environmental awareness, you will find specific lines of washbasins, furniture and other sanitary facilities. In one of the Galassia collections named Tabule, brought by Cult, you will find a number of ceramic shelves with thin edges (only 5 mm thick), available in different sizes and colors. Also, shelves are made in combination with furniture and constructions of different finishes and sizes. The SmartB line provides shades with bright shapes, reduced and linear thicknesses that are offered in different sizes in a wide range of colors such as white, black, sandy and gray, with matte or glossy finish. If you are looking for simple shapes, the Dream line is the right solution for you. The soft lines of the washbasins, bathroom furniture and bidets indicate a desire for simplicity and clarity.

The SA02 Galassia collection, embodying all the qualities of this prestigious Italian brand brought by Cult. Squared and clean lines for washbasins and sanitary facilities, will supply your bathroom in an elegant and harmonious way. The SA02 line is also awarded with prestigious awards such as Design Plus, also nominated for Compasso d’oro Adi. In addition to the washbasin and wc bidet, in this collection you will also find a 140×80 cm bath shower, the first bath proposed in these specific dimensions. If you are a fan of minimalist design, M2 line is the right solution for you. The balance of the shape and variety of the assortment are the main features of this collection which is suitable for large but also for very small spaces. If you are still indecisive in choosing ideal sanitary equipment for your bathroom, visit Cult without hesitation, where professional staff will help you choose the ideal assortment for your home!