Hansgrohe tap modern technological solutions

Hansgrohe tap modern technological solutionsChoosing taps in the kitchen and bathroom can be a real art if you have a vision of what your interior should look like. Cult Split offers modern tap solutions of the exclusive and renowned German brand Hansgrohe, whose name testifies to the centuries-old tradition of quality and elegance. Implementing modern solutions is of great importance to the Hansgrohe brand, so you will find high-quality taps with water-saving technology, while design and sculptural forms are skillfully combined with practical purpose.Whether you’re looking for simplicity, elegance or contemporary design in your kitchen and bathroom, the Hansgrohe brand has the full range of design solutions for you. The ease of use of these faucets includes quick on and off water at the push of a button, and a 360 degree swivel range for ease of use in your kitchen or bathroom. The variety of designs includes a modernist, minimalist or classic design that will fit into any interior. The rich range of kitchen taps can be found in various types of wall mounted kitchen taps with ergonomic design, which, in addition to classic chrome, offer great stainless steel finishes with high scratch resistance. In addition, Hansgrohe taps are characterized by modern technological advancements that pay special attention to saving water. Technologies such as EcoSmart, Select, AirPower or QuickClean deliver high water and energy savings without reducing the functionality of these premium design taps.