Hansgrohe shower experience

Showering is one of the most relaxing moments that rids the stress from your body and brings you into complete harmony. In order to make the moments of relaxation in the bathroom as comfortable as possible, it is indispensable to have quality mixer and shower equipment. Choosing the right mixer for your shower or bathtub becomes much easier with the top Hansgrohe brand selection that Cult Company brings for you. The Hansgrohe brand tradition has been around for more than a century, and the pioneering craft of sanitary equipment production has been perfected by the continuous improvement of products with modern technologies and the constant pursuit of excellence. The Hansgrohe brand offers premium products whose mission is to make showering a unique experience. With the extensive range of this brand brought to you by Cult, you will be able to find the complete range of shower products. Overhead, hand and side showers for ceiling or wall mounting are enriched top-quality technology that will give you maximum shower pleasure.For example, the implemented AirPower technology creates a rain shower effect while saving energy and reducing water consumption, while QuickClean technology makes it easy to maintain showers that will remain glossy and limescale-free after many years of easy cleaning. XXL Performance showers are also an innovation in Hansgrohe shower production, providing a unique shower experience with its large format and high quality water dispersion. Hansgrohe showers also feature EcoSmart technology that contributes to reducing water consumption, an innovative combination of water flow limitation, special spray nozzles, and mixing water and air that does not reduce the intensity or quality of the shower experience.