Fiandre granites – from floor and wall coverings to furniture of urban design

Equipping a home or office space in the ideal balance of practicality and style is no easy task. Uniform shades, decors and finishing touches of tiles are the goal you must be guided by when choosing the perfect material for your interior. Cult brings you the prestigious Italian brand Fiandre, which in its rich offer offers a wide selection of floor and wall coverings in the form of complete granite tiles with different effects and finishing touches. The Maximum Fiandre Extralite collection also offers discreet but effective urban design surfaces for furniture, such as kitchen countertops and coverings, table coverings or bathroom furniture.

Specific to the innovative version of the Maximum collection with tiles up to 300 x 150 cm, the Fiandre brand offers all the classic characteristics of porcelain tiles, but in an improved form. In addition to their strength, lightness, flexibility, these tiles are also characterized by creative solutions, such as faithful imitations of salt crystals or precious stones such as amethyst, carnelian, malachite and the like. Fiandre also stands out for its environmentally conscious approach to production, and for numerous ISO certificates such as EMAS or LEED certificates.